Add a Personalized Layer of Safety and Protection for When You can’t be There

The peace of mind that comes with installing an automatic safety cover is the quickest way to maximize the benefits of pool ownership. When you know your family and loved ones are protected from pool accidents, your focus is on creating enjoyment and memories

Maximize the Benefits of Pool Ownership

Safety & Protection

Sentry Covers are tested to meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for safety covers as outlined in ASTM F1346-91

Custom Printing

Personalized to match your exact design & style. Custom colors, gradients, patterns, monograms, murals, hi-res photography & more.

Quicker Install & Improved Design

Learn about the specific design and installation features that help simplify and speed up installation.

Energy & Water Conservation

Automatic covers can reduce evaporation by up to 60%, which not only conserves water but also reduces heat loss and chemical consumption.

Less Time & Money Spent on Maintenance

Save up to 70% on operating costs & reduce pool cleaning time

Certified Quality, Safety & Trust

Custom Printed Pool Cover Gallery

Check out some projects our clinnets have done.